Saturday, October 19, 2019

MobileHelp Introduces TRELAWEAR

MobileHelp introduces a new line of pendants for the fashion conscious user. I know with my Mom, she hung "that ugly pendant thingy" on the lamp next to her recliner (where it was basically useless to her) and definitely refused to wear it when she went anywhere. And my Mom was far from being a diva about her fashion.

But I've heard these complaints from patients and family members for years. The pendants are ugly. They don't want to wear them. They remind them that they are getting old and need help. So that being said, TRELAWEARTM is now available for purchase and use with MobileHelp systems.

Per MobileHelp, "TRELAWEAR is a beautiful high-end “smart” jewelry accessory that includes best-in-class emergency response technology when paired to a compatible MobileHelp base station or mobile device that takes you anywhere you want to go...safely."

$120 Off MobileHelp Touch with Annual Plan at, no coupon needed!
Safety is one thing you cannot put a price on. Falls are a leading cause of death among the elderly. And even if your loved one doesn't suffer a major injury, they may not be able to get up and lying on the floor or ground for hours can be just as serious. This is something you can control.

With the holidays approaching, perhaps a pretty jeweled pendant would be the perfect gift for Mom, especially when she's impossible to buy for these days! And be sure to use the savings links on our site. (Yes, they are affiliate links and I make a small commission to help keep this site going. Thanks!)

For more information about caring for your aging parents, please consider downloading my course, Caring for Your Aging Parents, from It takes a couple of hours, and you can just hit play and listen while you go about other business. 

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