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Here are some great resources to assist you in caring for your Aging Parents and loved ones. ALways be sure to discuss changes to your routine with your medical practitioner.

Guide to Decluttering
Retirement Living Medical Alert Systems Guide
The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Business for Retirees
Medicare State Eligibility
New Medicare Cards
Medicare Fraud Info

Senior Nutrition Guide
The Senior-Friendly Guide to Medical Alert Systems
Emergency Preparedness Guide for Seniors and Caretakers
My Last Soundtrack
Consumer Safety Guide
National Council for Aging Care's guide on Military Veteran Benefit Options
Guide to Making Modifications for Loved Ones in Your Care 
Guide to Mobility-Scooters
Phillips Lifeline
Senior Friendly Remodeling
11 Exercise Ideas for Seniors
A Guide to Buying Used Accessible Vehicles
Safer Sex for Seniors
Maintaining Cognitive Health and Staying Sharp
Top Resources for Seniors 
Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes
Stretching Exercises for Seniors to Improve Mobility
Fire Prevention, Preparedness, and Recovery: Seniors
Senior Diabetes: Signs and Diagnosis
Overdose Response Guide: Awareness, Prevention, and Preparedness for Caregivers of Addicts
25 Easy Recipes for Senior Nutrition
The Boomer’s Ultimate Guide To Adding Value To Your Home
9 of the Best Travel Destinations for Seniors and Retirees
Downsizing in Your Senior Years? De-cluttering Tips for Seniors
Healthy Aging Into Your 80s and Beyond
Substance Abuse And Addiction In The Elderly
Caring for Elderly Parents: Managing Role-Reversal
Aging Parents And Children Should Talk About Finances
Signs It’s Time for Assisted Living: Identify Potential Warning Signs that It’s Time for a Move
Caretakers' Guide to Moving Seniors Into a Facility
Checklist: Pre-Planning Your Funeral or Memorial Service
Reasons for Cremation or Burial: Practical and Personal Considerations
Home Modifications for Specific Needs
Legal Resources for Seniors
Veterans Benefits for Seniors
Making the Move to Assisted Living
Keeping Seniors Safe with While Remodeling
Disaster Preparedness for Seniors
Advanced Care Planning
Home Accommodations for Seniors
Aging Veteran's Guide to Planning for the Future
Tips for Seniors to Declutter and Organize their Home
Elder Care Resources

Best Medical Alert Systems   
Sleep Guide for Seniors 
Best Mattress for Seniors  
The Most Common Health Concerns For The Elderly And Seniors And How To Prevent Them
Moving Advice for Seniors and People with Disabilities
Renters’ Rights for Tenants with Disabilities
Internet Gateway for Low Vision
Managing Sensory Processing Issues At Home
Cleaner Indoor Air Campaign
Keeping Seniors Safe Around Construction Sites
Limited Mobility Home Modifications
Making the Move To Assisted Living
Guide to Finding Credible Medical Information
A Guide to Downsizing for Seniors and Their Loved Ones
Should You Own or Rent a Home in Retirement?
How to Save for a Down Payment on a House
Saving for a Home Post-Bankruptcy: A Three-Step Guide for Families
7 Home Improvement & Remodeling Ideas That Increase Home Value (And What To Avoid)
How to Deter Burglars: Keeping Potential Robbers Away From Your Home

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