Friday, February 26, 2016

Caregivers: Save Time Wherever You Can

My time is much more limited these days. I need to make sure I make things as efficient and easy as I can so that I have some time for myself. Caregiver fatigue is REAL and if you don't fill your cup first, you'll never be able to fill the cup for others.

Elimination (poop and pee) is a private matter and dignity is jeopardized when our loved ones loose control, or are no longer able to make it to the bathroom. Using a bedpan or bedside commode can be disheartening. But alas it is also a necessity as time, illness and age takes its toll. So we have to do the best we can, and try to make as little of it all as we can to save face and dignity for our loved ones.

I recently found an item that helps to diminish the stress and reduce the time consumed in dealing with bedside commodes. It also helps somewhat with dignity issues because the disposal is quick and easy.

Bedside commode liners have become one of my best friends these days. The small plastic bag fits easily over the bucket and the gel insert helps to absorb liquids. The bag has a draw string to secure it shut and whole thing can then be placed in the trash. Clean up time is reduced significantly from having to empty and clean the bucket after each use. It's more sanitary and as I've said, it saves time which is a precious commodity.

The brand I purchased from (shown above) are Medline Industries MDS89664LINER Commode Liners with Absorbent Pads (Pack of 72)

 I have to admit I have some issues with this because I try hard to be a "green" person, but again, I have to look after me too and this makes life easier at this point. So please don't judge me unless you've walked in my shoes for awhile. All any of us can do is try our best to reduce our carbon footprint when and where we can, and I do practice that. Meanwhile I also have to take care of me!

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