Thursday, July 21, 2016

Medical Alert Systems: Keeping Mom as Independent as Possible

When you can encourage and assist your aging parents and loved ones to remain as independent as possible you keep their minds healthy and their bodies working; albeit slower than ever before. As we all age, tasks become more challenging and our agility is challenged everyday.

While it may seem much safer to place Mom where she can just sit, watch TV or read and be waited on all day, that may not be the best way to keep her strong and vibrant.

Keep them Safe
What is essential is to make the scene as safe as possible.
  • Remove clutter and obstacles such as throw rugs. 
  • Hang grab bars where needed throughout the house. 
  • Place everyday items for cooking, eating, bathing, dressing, etc. within a safe reach may mean some serious "redecorating" and reconsideration. 
  • Purchase reachers and a maybe a couple of walkers
  • The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house. Use a bedside commode at night can help avoid falls.  
These can all help to reduce fall risk and improve their ability to remain independent for as long as possible.

Medical Alert Systems
One of the most valuable tools for your own peace of mind is a medical alert system. has complied a great list of possibilities and provides the pros and cons as well as straight out reasons for eliminating some. It's a great resource to have and to share!
alert system.

Arranging for transportation and assistance with the heavier duties such as shopping and attending to medical or other appointments can help them ease into giving up the car without necessitating unnecessary hours of caregiving until they are needed. Laundry and house keeping chores can be piecemealed as well.

Things can and will eventually turn on a dime and you need to have a plan to implement immediately, but until then try to keep them vibrant and as independent as possible. It takes effort, thought and commitment, but after 80 time begins to run out quickly. Cherish those moments and give them your best shot.