Monday, September 16, 2019

Helpful Tech That Can Be Accessible and Affordable for Seniors

By Andrea Needham

Our lives revolve around tech these days. For senior parents and relatives, however, accessing the latest tech isn’t always easy. Learning how to use technology can be a challenge for some older adults, but thankfully, some of the most useful new gadgets are actually very simple to operate. So if you know a senior who could benefit from having more technology in his or her life, here are some basics you should know about the latest senior-friendly tech.

Mobile Technology Can Be Helpful for Seniors

Seniors may not be attached to their tech like younger generations, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dialed into the ways technology can make their lives easier. For example, many older adults have fully embraced mobile technology, which includes smartphones and wearable tech. However, even though seniors may be keen on mobile technology, they aren’t always sure what features to look for when upgrading or buying a cell phone. Thankfully, there are tons of options for seniors when it comes to the right phone and data plan. Whether you or a senior loved one is looking for something that’s as simple as a flip phone (like the LG Exalt LTE), as durable as a military-grade phone (like Kyocera’s DuraXV LTE) or even a smartphone with senior-friendly modes included (such as the Samsung Galaxy J3 V 3rd Gen), finding the right fit in terms of features and price shouldn’t take much effort. Cell phones are not the only mobile tech that can be fun and practical for seniors; older adults can benefit from using wearable gadgets as well. For instance, smart watches are simple wearable tools that seniors can use to track their health and fitness, or even set reminders for medications and other essential tasks that need to be taken care of throughout the day.

Smart Home Tech Can Help Seniors Age in Place

If you are a family caregiver who is concerned about the safety of an aging parent or relative in their own home, you should really consider all of the ways that smart home tech can make aging in place safer. For example, installing smart lighting throughout the homes of older adults is a simple update that can reduce falls and help seniors move around their home with more ease. Motion detector lights are a great solution, since they activate when they sense movement and remove the need for seniors to switch them on and off themselves. Voice-assistant speakers, such as Google Home, can also be a valuable tool for seniors aging in place at home. These speakers not only provide seniors with a simple and effective way to call for help during an emergency, but they can also provide some much-needed relief from loneliness and isolation. Isolation-related depression is a common concern for aging adults living alone. Having the right tech can alleviate those feelings and provide some additional peace of mind for family caregivers, especially when they live far away.
-->Although not technically new, medical alert systems are another tech feature that can make aging in place safer for seniors, and can relieve stress for family members and caregivers.
Tech doesn’t have to be simple to be senior-friendly; it just needs to be easy for seniors to operate and use in their everyday lives. Thankfully, a great deal of the most advanced and newest tech is user-friendly and even affordable, so seniors can take advantage of all of the added convenience, comfort and quality of life that modern technology can provide.
Andrea Needham created Elders Day to remind everyone that getting older isn’t synonymous with slowing down. Everyone has their own pace, but age shouldn’t be what stops you from fulfilling dreams, goals, and desires.

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