Monday, January 31, 2022

6 Perfect Gifts for the Health-Conscious Senior in Your Life

Guest post from Rhonda Underhill

Changing your health for the better is never easy. For seniors with long-held habits, it can feel nearly
impossible. If your senior loved ones are trying to make changes to improve their health, why not give a gift that helps them along their journey to healthier aging?


About Aging Parents understands how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for someone you really care about. These five holiday gifts are a great way to show your support and help your senior loved ones achieve their health and wellness goals in 2022.

Fitness devices and gadgets

Finding the motivation to get up and exercise can be difficult regardless of your age. However, there are some modern gadgets and devices that can help seniors who need a little incentive to get off the couch. A smartwatch, for example, can help them track how many calories they’ve burned, how many steps they’ve taken, and other important information.

Convenient nutrition

A balanced diet is one of the pillars of senior health, but age-related changes make it tough to keep up with home-cooked meals. Whether your seniors struggle to get to the grocery store, lack motivation for meal planning, or are simply habituated to an unhealthy diet, a meal kit delivery service simplifies healthy eating. With a subscription service like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh delivering healthy ingredients in easy-to-follow recipes right to their door, adopting a healthy diet couldn’t be easier.


Another way to keep proper nutrition super simple is with a superfoods-charged beverage. With the right ingredients blended into one antioxidant and nutrition laden option, seniors can simply sip vitamins and minerals to keep them strong and healthy. Pair it with a durable, personalized to-go tumbler for the ideal gift!

Send them back to school

Seniors are in a unique position to understand the old saying, We never stop learning. That’s why helping them go back to school – whether helping them to register or paying for a class – is a great way to give them something positive to focus on. Also, the flexibility of online programs means virtually any schedule and interest can be easily accommodated.

A YMCA membership

The YMCA is the perfect place for seniors who want to become more active but are intimidated by gyms. While YMCAs have all the fitness amenities of other gyms, they also offer senior-friendly classes like aquatic workouts for people with arthritis, yoga for seniors, and balance training. Better yet, many YMCAs offer discounted membership rates for older adults.

Furry or feathered companionship

Pet ownership offers amazing health perks to seniors. The benefits range from improving heart health to improved socialization. Unfortunately, pet ownership is also something many seniors set aside, usually due to the commitment it involves, yet they often miss the companionship of an animal.


If that sounds like your loved one, consider encouraging them to add a furry or feathered companion. Some pets are particularly well-suited to seniors, like birds and rabbits, and in some respects, they are smaller commitments than some pets, such as in terms of lifespan, space, and responsibility.


You can even get all the goodies for your loved one so they can pick the individual animal that really speaks to them. For instance, bird lovers might enjoy a birdcage kit, and there are full outdoor setups for rabbits. A pet companion can be an amazing pick-me-up, and be the mental and physical boost your loved one loves most.

A rideshare gift card

Senior health goes beyond the physical. The National Institute on Aging points out that maintaining an active social life is just as important for healthy aging, especially when it comes to a senior’s mental health. Unfortunately, physical limitations make it difficult for some seniors to get out and connect with friends.


If it’s no longer safe for your senior loved ones to drive, give them the gift of transportation with a giftcard to Lyft or Uber. With access to ride-share services, seniors can get out of the house without getting behind the wheel — and you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they’ll get to their destination safely.


Whether your senior loved ones are in good health and just need a little something extra or have a long way to go toward their wellness goals, there’s a gift that can help them get there. However, while these gifts will set seniors on the path to better health, there’s one gift money can’t buy: your support. Whether it’s rides to the gym or motivational text messages, make sure your senior loved ones know you’re cheering them on.


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