Monday, December 27, 2021

Are You and Your Aging Parents All Up to Date on Vaccines?


A reminder to be sure you and your loved ones are up to date on all vaccines. For COVID your seniors should have gotten their booster shot by now, but if not, they should get one as soon as possible. 

Other important vaccinations to consider include the Pneumonia vaccine, the Shingles vaccine, and of course the annual Flu vaccine. Check with their physician to be sure they are all updated.  

If they (or you) will be around any young children especially infants and toddlers, it's important to be current on the whooping cough vaccine which is usually a combination with the tetanus and pertussis. This helps protect the small children who are very vulnerable to this disease.

Please be careful and don't get complacent with masking and hand washing. The Omicron variant of COVID is not as resistant to the vaccine as we'd like it to be. Cases can be mild and often don't require hospitalization for those who have been fully vaccinated, but with the senior population, there's no reason to take chances. 


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