Thursday, October 8, 2015

Having Your Loved One Move In Or Placing Them In A Nursing Home

By Donna Fitzgerald

In today’s fast life, people often regret that they are unable to take good care of their aging parents at home. Providing the best care for an aging loved one is often tough. One of the challenges that people face is whether to keep an aging and ill parent at home, or whether a nursing home for the elderly would be the place where they would get the best care and medical facilities. It is a tough decision and by no means, an easy or inexpensive one. That is the reason it is a wise decision to consult with them beforehand and know which option is comfortable for them. If that is no longer an option, here are some things to consider.

Things to consider:

If you are considering keeping an aging loved one at home, you need to make certain modifications to your house to make it safe and convenient for them to stay in. You need to make your home easy for them to navigate. Renovating a home can be expensive; this should factor into your considerations.

You need to speak candidly with your parents about their choice and wish to settle down with you. They may not be comfortable with this decision. Asking for their consent and input on the situation is very important. If you have parents who are used to being very independent, moving in with you may not be the best option for them.

If you have friends who also have elderly members in their homes, or in assisted living facilities, you should consult with them and discuss the issue. Asking for advice can provide insight on how to handle the situation.

Often, the amount of care the elderly parents need will increase with time, and may even prove to be too much to handle on your own. If you have very young kids, this can prove to be increasingly challenging for the entire family.

If you are planning to put your parents in an assisted living facility, you need to consider whether your parents are financially stable. Talk to your parents about their insurance coverage. Find out whether they have any long-term care insurance in their name. And check yo see exactly what it covers. Check their Medicaid and Medicare coverage and consider how your parents' medical care costs will be met.

How to pick the right nursing home:
If you think that keeping your aging parents in a nursing home is the best option, you need to research well and pick the right one. There are horrible stories of nursing home abuse, and it is crucial that you do your research carefully. Before choosing, check the ratings, reviews and visit it personally. Find out the cost of different facilities in your area so that you are able to compare them. 

It is also important to compare the cost of an assisted living facility versus keeping and caring for them at home. The final decision, should be made factoring in what would be best for your loved ones, and where they would get the care and lifestyle that they need at that stage in their life.

Donna Fitzgerald is a North Carolina native who encourages healthy behaviors, and believes in the importance of caring for our elders. She has two daughters and enjoys spending time with her family.

Thanks Donna!

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