Monday, November 26, 2012

What is Caregiver Fatigue?

Those of us who are tasked with caring for aging parents and other loved ones can become overextended very quickly. Caring friends and family can even believe they are helping by "delegating" to us so that our loved one doesn't have to do it. All too often these well-meaning people wouldn't dream of stepping in and helping. And they have a long list of reasons why not such as not wanting to interfere or step on toes!!

See the bits of frustration and anger growing in that paragraph? No matter HOW much you love the person you're caring for, it can be come too much more often than you'd like to admit.

Caregiving is one of the most demanding roles ever invented. And when caregivers don't set some limits and replenish themselves, the task reaches "impossible" very quickly. They simply burn out and can't function in that role.

Learn to prioritize, organize and delegate what you can. The more you can control, the easier things will be. Schedule tasks and don't procrastinate the ones you don't like. That just adds to your stress. Ask for help before it becomes overwhelming and have a spouse, friend or other loved one with whom you can vent as often as needed to release these feelings.


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  1. I agree with this post. Like you said above " learn to prioritize, organize and delegate what you can." I think that it is very important for a caregiver to ask for help from others and make sure to not be afraid to use their resources. For many years I have been counting on my mom's medical alert system. I used to not want to leave her at home alone and now I can get more done in the day for her, and leave her at home for a few hours and know that she has assistance if she needs it.


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