Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are You Caring for a Veteran?

The average caregiver today is most likely a member of the Baby Boom generation (born between 1946 and 1964) which means many of us had parents, aunts, uncles, and perhaps siblings or cousins who served in WWII. We honor them and their memories today on Veteran’s Day.

We also honor ALL veterans for the many sacrifices they have made and make each and every day to keep us safe. Freedom indeed is not Free!!! Thank you!!!!

If you are caring for someone who was a War veteran, or is the spouse or widow/er of a veteran, you might want to check out these resources (Veteran’s Angels OR the American Association for Wartime Veterans) for TAX FREE financial assistance in the care of that person if they meet eligibility requirements.

Another terrific and often overlooked resource is Cleaning for a Reason, a great service to anyone undergoing chemotherapy or other cancer treatment. It’s also a wonderful place to volunteer if you run a cleaning service.

As we work our way towards the holidays, please remember to take some time for YOU! It’s also flu season and if you let yourself get rundown you are much more susceptible colds and flu. Wash your hands often and then wash them again! Stay well!!

It’s probably more important to be organized this time of the year as well. And learn to Delegate. Others may not do it as well as you would, but it’s done. Be grateful and move forward! Take time to enjoy the smells of the season and the memories. Make a few more with your loved ones and rejoice!

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