Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Phone Solutions for the Hard of Hearing

If your loved ones are experiencing difficulties using the phone due to hearing loss, I would sincerely suggest investigating this phone. The Clarity/Ameriphone XL50 offers some terrific options such as the big number pad. It also has the ability to adjust the tonal quality of the voice which is really important in moderate to severe hearing loss. It's like an equalizer that filters out the tones the person can't hear as well and amplifies those s/he can hear. It also has a volume adjustment and a Boost function. The Boost can be set to be on continuously, or as needed by pushing a button while listening.

Being unable to hear well on the phone can be such an isolating thing for anyone, but especially for the elderly who rely on the phone for socialization. This product can help them get back into circulation.

We recently bought one for my mother-in-law who is severely hard of hearing and has hearing aides. It's going to work out really well. She's not technically adept and this phone is easy for her to manipulate. She has to adjust it slightly for my voice versus my husband's and she was able to do this on her own. It's too loud for my father-in-law, but he doesn't use the phone a lot and can use an extension phone.

More information and reviews are available on Amazon.com.

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